Featured on: Streets of Amsterdam

Streets of Amsterdam–book number 3 in the Streets of… series–is a contemporary take on MENDO’s home base, Amsterdam, captured by more than 40 photographers. Pre-order Streets of Amsterdam now and get a limited edition photo by Rein Kooyman for free.

So, earlier this year, the good folks at MENDO (via Joost Bastmeijer) / teNeues reached out to invite me for collaboration with a photo book called Streets of Amsterdam, featuring contemporary photographers and their visual perspective on the Netherlands' capital. I have indeed been to Amsterdam last Summer and posted a few of my shots to my Instagram account. I guess they got noticed. What an amazing feeling that was!  Maybe on pair with the fact that the book IS on the verge of being published and I AM supposed to be in it! I can't wait to get my free copy and I truly hope the book does well for them, as that also means it will do great for me. Even if one person buys the book and enjoys one of my photos (assuming they used more than one), it will be enough for me. Because, you know, books... there's nothing quite like them, am I right?

Update on this next month. Hopefully.